Desert of the Damned

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Supernatural loner and wanderer, Sage Smith returns in Desert of the Damned, the second thrilling installment of K. F. Baugh's Sage of Sevens series.

When Sage awakens in a remote canyon of New Mexico after a flash flood, injured and alone, she can’t remember how she got there. Tween cousins Maddie and Orion Thompson rescue and bring her to the home of Noreen Hano, elder of the nearby Native American Pueblo, to recuperate.

While Sage works at the nearby Thompson Vineyard, her head injury continues to plague her and soon she finds herself losing consciousness more frequently, often waking up in the company of the mysterious Puebloan Water Feather. He hints that Sage has abilities far beyond anything she can imagine. He challenges her to grow her gifts, warning that another supernatural being threatens the very existence of the Pueblo where Noreen and her family live.

When Sage, Maddie, and Orion are lured into a deadly game of cat and mouse among the slot canyons and ruins of the New Mexican desert, Sage must decide whether to embrace the powers she glimpsed in herself while battling the Skinwalker.

Does she have the courage to fulfill her destiny, or will she be destroyed by her fears and the mysterious monster stalking the Pueblos of New Mexico?