Valley of the Broken

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A fractured past she can’t remember.

A terrifying mission she can’t understand.

A deadly foe that haunts both her waking and sleeping hours.

Black Mills is secluded, even by mountain town standards, but its small streets are still too claustrophobic for Sage. She prefers spending her days in the wilderness, content to wander the hills with her dog Gus. Sage’s only other companion is her guardian the Wind, a remnant of a traumatic childhood shrouded in pain and half-memories. Gifted with supernatural abilities and the Wind’s guidance, Sage heals and restores balance to the world. But her solitary life is ripped apart when her two former classmates go missing.

Pinned for a series of grisly murders, Sage finds herself on the run with Tim, a man haunted by his own violent past. Can she trust him to help restore balance to the valley? Are they brave enough to challenge the evil that stalks them across the mountains? With only her abilities and the nightmare vision of an age-old massacre to help unlock the mystery, Sage and Tim race to defeat a monster they barely understand and more terrifying than anything they have ever imagined.

As Sage strips back the veneer of reality, she plunges into a world where nothing is as it seems, not even herself.