Miss You Once Again

An unexpected death.

A broken relationship.

A pesky ghost.

Limitless sweet tea.

Caralee Trenton owns an extreme outdoor adventure company and spends her days pushing people to their limits in the rugged Rocky Mountains. The unexpected death of her Nana forces Lee to face challenges of her own. She must return to Eden Grove, Mississippi to settle Nana’s estate and navigate a minefield of childhood memories, fractured relationships and family history. 

A dose of Southern hospitality and sweet tea, along with her childhood friend, John Hunter, complicates her effort to finalize the sale of her Nana's antebellum home and all her possessions. Lee hasn't seen John Hunter in 20 long years and his presence dredges up painful memories, along with newfound desires. As Lee sorts through both Nana’s estate and her own confused emotions, Nana’s ghost shadows her granddaughter. Worried that history will repeat itself, Nana decides to stir up a mess of trouble in Lee’s ordered plans.

Lee is pushed to a crossroads where she must decide whether to stay on her independent journey or take a chance on a different future and fight for the man she loves.