About Me

I grew up as a true Colorado girl, carted off to the mountains in the back of my parent’s Subaru almost every weekend. During these formative years I developed a deep love for warm sleeping bags, hot dogs roasted on a stick, and good books (a necessity on rainy tent days and long road trips).

As an adult, I served with a humanitarian aid/missions organization for most of my 20s. Although I primarily resided in war-torn Kosovo after the Yugoslav Wars, helping with relief and community development projects, I also served in Nepal, Morocco, and Belgium. These experiences have given me a rich reservoir of experiences and people to draw from in my writing.

For the moment I reside in Colorado again with my husband, two children and two hyper huskies. The unique landscape of the American West inspires all my stories, both the ones I write and the ones that stay in my head.

I am the author of four books: YA Paranormal Suspense Valley of the Broken and Desert of the Damned (Book One and Book Two in the Sage of Sevens Series), Women’s Fiction Miss You Once Again, and Granny Bob’s Homestyle Cooking. I am also the author of Vision, a Speculative Fiction Short Story.


This looks a little different than most author websites

Most author websites feature the same basic components: information about the author and his or her books, advice on writing, and news on upcoming books/projects. I enjoy reading many of these sites, but tend to visit the page once or twice then forget about it.

I decided I wanted to do something different with my page, and if I had to update it regularly (as good authors do), I wanted to write about something that fascinated me, and frankly myself and my work did not qualify. I thought about it for awhile and realized the thread that runs through all my writing is the setting and essence of the Western United states, specifically the Rocky Mountain West (which includes the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada).

Despite traveling to many beautiful places during my 20s (I’m looking at you Switzerland, Greece, and England), I feel there is no geography on earth as awe-inspiring as the wild and rugged beauty of the American West. The majestic mountains of Colorado, the extraordinary rock formations of Utah, the windswept, expansive deserts in Arizona and haunting pueblos of New Mexico, all of them speak in eternal whispers to my soul.

The fascinating history of this region is steeped in both tragedy and triumph. One of my greatest joys is going on research trips to discover both the ancient and recent histories of this unique locale. Not surprisingly, the current events that shape the governance and usage of the West are often reflections of what has happened many times before.

Most of my article topics grew out of a rabbit trail I followed while researching one of my books. Even if I didn’t end up using the information in a fictional tale, the subject matter was too fascinating to leave behind. I decided to create a series of articles on the most interesting tidbits of information I have discovered in my continued exploration of the West from Radioactive Health Spas to review of the National Parks to the issue of water rights.

I hope you enjoy these snapshots, findings from both now and back then.